Heritage and Culture

The Tourist Routes proposed in this space invite you to discover a less known municipality of Mangualde: a region of beauty and culture that reunites with Nature and the past.

The activity of trekking is starting to gain more and more fans, as it is an alternative for those who want to get to know the rural area, its people, observe the natural environment, customs and traditions, taking into account that walking is a healthy practice and recommended for people of all ages.

However, as an alternative, we have the road trips where we invite you to take a drive with us through our lands.

These itineraries were designed for those who fell in love or want to fall in love with nature, traditional flavours, different scents emanating from a diverse landscape, a rich history of humble, caring and hardworking people. The preservation of cultural heritage is an important strategy for the recovery of the symbolic and referential role of local culture and for promoting the country's development. Recognition and protection of the cultural heritage is one of the country's greatest triumphs for the future and for its true development.

The municipality of Mangualde holds a great abundance of resources.