Mangualde is a municipality of constant motion and entertainment!

With a dynamic associative movement, many events take place here throughout the year.

The Municipality promotes the most relevant events in the county, as is the case of the Feira dos Santos (All Saints’ Fair), which is undoubtedly the event that brings more tourists to Mangualde.

In addition to this one, which is held on the first Sunday of November and the Saturday immediately preceding, there are other events that will encourage the people of Mangualde and other visitors: Festas da Cidade (City Feasts), Walking Trails, Road Trips, Antiques Fair, Fair of Traditions and Products of Mangualde, Marchas Populares, National Handicraft Show, Mangualde Fashion, Agromangualde, Gastronomic, Cultural and Sports Events, among many others ...

Entertainment never lacks here, Mangualde awaits you!

Feira dos Santos (All Saints' Fair)






Festa de Nossa Senhora do Castelo




Festas da Cidade (City Feasts)




Fair of Traditions and Products of Mangualde







Marchas Populares







Mangualde Fashion